Powder Coating

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Powder coating is one of the easiest, most versatile ways to instantly restore, weatherproof or change the color or texture of your metal objects, such as wheels and rims, motorcycle parts, furniture, appliances, bicycles, instruments, yard art and guns, among many others.

Powder coating is also affordable and attractive. SJS Industrial has more than 250 colors and textures in-house for you to choose from, plus we have 6,500 additional options available from our suppliers, so no matter what look you are trying to achieve, we can help you realize your vision.

Are you unsure whether something can be powder coated? Please call SJS Industrial to inquire at 757.390.0237

Here is an abbreviated list of the objects and materials we can powder coat for you. Keep in mind, this is the short list! Many other items are well suited to powder coat as well.

  • Artwork and art projects
  • ATV and quad parts
  • Barrels
  • Bedframes
  • Bicycles
  • Brackets
  • Bumpers
  • Engines
  • Fireplace accessories
  • Furniture
  • Fuel tanks
  • Guns
  • Jeep parts
  • Jet ski and watercraft parts
  • Lawn furniture and decor
  • Lawnmower decks and trimmer parts
  • Motorcycle frames and parts like kick stands, foot controls, handle bars and more
  • Sculptures
  • Trailer hitches
  • Valve covers
  • Vintage finds like tools or cast iron items
  • Wagons and toys
  • Wheels and rims
  • Weights
  • Wrought iron gates, fixtures, etc.
  • Yard art and planters